Office Hub is an Aussie business with one simple goal: revolutionise the way people rent office space around the world.

We’ve leased commercial offices, and we know it’s painful. Expensive, time-consuming and oh-so-confusing – we’re not about that life.

So we specialise in shared, coworking and serviced offices: the more affordable, sociable and flexible way of working. As these types of office space grew in popularity during the noughties and twenty-tens, it became obvious that there needed to be an independent mediator working in the middle. Businesses need office space but workspaces need tenants just as much – and without someone like us it all just gets a little bit intense and salesy.

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We’re passionate about the business benefits of shared office space and we want to help people around the world achieve more. That’s why our unique premium service is free for searching tenants – put that money back into the important things and let us do the hard work in finding your dream workspace.

Grant Philipp

Grant Philipp

CEO & Founder

As CEO and the old bull of the team, my passion to disrupt the real estate industry and create the ultimate seamless customer experience for finding space is what drives me across the white sands of Manly to work every day.

Justin Rosenberg

National Sales Manager

Massive fan of helping people and companies all around the globe find a place to call home. Also, building a team of legends who provide our customers with impeccable service and having an awesome time doing it is pretty good too.
Justin Rosenberg
Sean O'Connor

Sean O'Connor

Sales and Account Manager

Whether being a startup or multinational corporation, I love helping companies find their dream office space. Being part of a winning team, with laughter and friendly banter is a big bonus too.

Andrew Beck

Sales and Account Manager

Purveyor of fine chat and always striving for mutually satisfying experiences. I love working in such a progressive and on-trend industry, forming unshakeable bonds with our workspace partners and living the dream with the world's best team day on day.
Andrew Beck
Nick Smitty Smit

Nick Smit

Sales and Account Manager

One of two Kiwis on the Office Hub team, I really enjoy working with clients and repeatedly provide them with a top notch experience from the initial enquiry to signing off on their new office space!

Tom Bell

Sales and Account Manager

Constantly in awe of and buzzed by witnessing the coworking and flexi space revolution first hand. Helping more and more businesses find their new home in ways not previously possible is a daily delight and I'm grateful to be a part of it!
Tom Bell

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Office Hub AREA Finalist 2018
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Office Hub was proudly nominated a Telstra Business Awards finalist in 2018
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Office Hub Nominated Westpac Business of Tomorrow

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