Your extra office space is full of cash – you just need the right tools to unleash it

Have you ever thought about renting out your spare office space to other businesses? We make it a simple, rewarding and reliable way to make money from your unused desks, workspaces or office areas.

Many people don’t realise that they are not using their office to its full capacity. It might look like your office is full, but you’re unlikely to be using it to its full capacity. A different design, a better configuration or a clever way of using communal spaces can create more usable desk space and give you the option of leasing spare office space to others. Research suggests that each desk in a conventional office is only utilised 45 per cent of the time – today’s workforce likes to get away from their designated desk and enjoy different work zones, plus there are times when they are out of the office or you might have a reduced headcount.

There are hundreds of businesses in your area that will need affordable office space and you can lease spare office space to them with our professional help. Small and large businesses, startups, freelancers, entrepreneurs and enterprises all continually assess their workspace options and review how they can efficiently budget and manage their office space – yours could be the ideal alternative.

It’s easy to fill spare office space with Office Hub

Here at Office Hub, part of our completely free service is helping you discover how to make the best use of your available space as you consider leasing spare office space. Perhaps you can create hotdesk options for part-time employees or turn break areas into coworking space. Maybe your oversized furniture could be switched out for new sleek desks to free up extra space. Your team could benefit from working more closely to ease collaboration – moving them closer together could free up a private office or coworking desks to rent. There are countless ways to rethink and lease spare office space and start making money.

Leasing spare office space with Office Hub is simple because we help you plan the best way to utilise your extra space and create a cost-effective model that will both attract tenants and make you strong returns. However much space you have and whatever style it is, Office Hub is the ideal partner to lease spare office space with advanced marketing, industry-leading tools and a proactive team which sources the best tenants for your extra space.

The flexible working revolution

Better lifestyles and lower costs – the days of blowing huge budgets on big offices have gone. People want flexible terms and plug-and-play office solutions to make life easy. If you’ve got a space, we can help you cater to tenants’ requirements.


Your space's potential

Let’s turn break areas into coworking stations, divide large spaces into smaller ones, switch out bulky furnishings and use other clever tactics to reach your space’s full occupancy potential. We can start making you money from leasing spare office space tomorrow!

Fill your spare office space in 4 simple steps

There’s a lot to think about but don’t worry – we’ve done this before. We’ll talk you through all the options, costs and considerations and advise every step of the way.


Let’s get your office photographed, priced and looking great – it all starts with offering a well set-up office space.


We devise a tailored marketing campaign and advertise your space on all the top commercial
property portals.


We qualify every lead to make sure they’re perfect for your space, then book tours and collate feedback for you to see.


We work as the middle man to negotiate a great deal and we have a complimentary billing service to take the hassle off your hands.

"If you can fit a desk,
we can work with it!"

Watch Grant Philipp, Office Hub Founder & CEO, explain how to fill your spare office space.

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Become a coworking success like Gravity

Location, styling and fit out make a great coworking space but it’s not a success until it’s buzzing with happy coworkers. At Office Hub we know how to find the right tenants for your office.

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